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    Plaza Fiesta

    Crafting an authentic experience

    Plaza Fiesta transformed to better serve the growing Latinx community in the Chamblee suburb of Atlanta through a thoughtful reprogramming, renovating, and repurposing strategy.

    Between 1996 and 2000, Dekalb County, where Chamblee is located, saw a 230% increase in its Hispanic population. With few retail experiences catering to this community's unique cultural needs and wants, the Legaspi Company thoughtfully considered the desired experiences and redesigned Plaza Fiesta.

    The refreshed ambiance resembles a traditional shopping experience, complete with colorful murals and a plaza-like set-up with various open stalls throughout the space. Tenants include everything from small food markets to clothing shops, along with everyday necessities like a barber and orthodontist. A selection of retailers, such as Planet Fitness, were maintained to allow the center to continue serving as wide a range of community members and community needs as possible.

    As a result of their attention to detail, and pursuit of excellence in crafting such an authentic experience, Plaza Fiesta draws upward of four million visitors every year.