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    Retail Revitalization Guide

    The retail revitalization guide empowers stakeholders and decision-makers to take advantage of opportunities in Prince George's County by providing revitalization strategies for various types of retail.

    Choose a retail type to understand relevant strategies and successful case studies

    Explore Revitalization Strategies

    Cost/Time/Risk Level

    • Reprogramming involves low-risk, cost-effective, and quick improvements to enhance a property's appearance and functionality.

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    • Renovations are minimal-risk improvements made to a site involving moderate investments to bring it back to baseline.

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    • Repurposing is re-using existing structures and infrastructure for new uses, including non-retail uses in former retail spaces.

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    • Retrofits are modifications to an existing site that require changes to the building envelope and site layout to accommodate new and different uses.

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    • Redevelopment projects are leveraged to assemble new properties and open space to accommodate new uses, buildings, and infrastructure and improve a site's economic productivity.

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    Download Full Retail Revitalization Report

    Delve into the details by downloading the full report prepared by Streetsense. Every type of retail and potential revitalization strategy is reviewed, along with comprehensive case studies to help guide you toward a brighter future.