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Please leave your contact information to remain informed of retail revitalization efforts in Prince George's County.


    When deciding what to do with my property, when is this tool most effective in the decision-making process?

    This Retail Revitalization Guide is most effective early in the decision-making process. It is meant to provide inspiration for possible revitalization strategies for further exploration. Once inspired, explore offered incentives, county data, and land use regulations relevant to your property on the We Can Help page and/or contact County partners from the Contact page for next steps.

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    Where can I find what uses are permitted on my/a particular site?

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    My retail property is outside of the Branch Avenue corridor. Does this tool apply to my site?

    Yes! This Retail Revitalization Guide applies to all commercial property being considered for reinvestment within Prince George’s County. While the Guide currently only includes market data and analysis for the Branch Avenue corridor and surrounding area, the website is designed to include other areas of study in the future. For more data, please consider the resources found on the We Can Help.

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    How is this Retail Revitalization Guide beneficial to income producing retail properties?

    Because there is a surplus of retail square footage currently in the County and retail trends suggest a shift in how people experience brick-and-mortar retail, property owners may wish to proactively address the future of their retail property in their area as a means of remaining relevant and value positive. This Retail Revitalization Guide offers inspiration for a range of strategies to add value, from lower cost, time, risk, and reward associated with reprogramming and renovation to higher cost, time, risk, and reward associated with retrofitting and redevelopment. Explore the Guide for more information.



    I’m ready to speak with someone at the County about next steps, who can I expect to speak with and what are good questions for future discussion?

    • Your inquiry, whether provided in the Get in Touch prompt or from the Contact page, will be collected by County staff and sent to the most appropriate department or agency for a timely response. Questions to consider for future discussion include:
    1. Have I done enough due diligence?
    2. Do my plans align with the County’s vision for my area?
    3. What infrastructure improvements are occurring/planned near my site that may affect my site?
    4. What other developments are anticipated near my site that may affect future market potential?
    5. What incentives/programs are best for me to pursue at this time?