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      Branch Avenue Fast Facts

      Not every retail corridor is the same, but all retail corridors have a story to tell. Branch Avenue and the surrounding area are poised to welcome retail revitalization as these facts explain.

      • Nearly 10,000 new housing units to bring $766M of new retail spending

        The residential development pipeline in the area, consisting of single and multi-family, will change the market.

      • $30M of spending leakage for full-service restaurants

        While there is a large amount of existing retail and quick service restaurants, there is a lack of higher quality retail and full-service restaurants for which there is demand, particularly south of the Beltway.

      • The number of higher-income households with incomes over $100k grew 269% in the last 12 years

        In 2010, there were 8,400 households earning more than $100k per year. From 2010-2022, the number increased to 31,000 households. In the next five years, it will grow to 36,000 households.

      • 66% of properties were built before 1940

        Recent county-wide zoning amendments enable streamlined reinvestment, more development flexibility, and by-right uses.

      • The corridor is regionally accessible by two Metro stations and seven local bus routes

        The county offers robust local and regional connectivity, a key component for thriving multi-purpose districts.

      • The county is here to help!

        The county can offer assistance in nuanced investment opportunities within Branch Avenue's distinctive submarkets.

      With fully leased shopping centers in College Park, Capitol Heights, and Lanham, our tenants greatly benefit and appreciate the services the county’s economic development corporation offer.

      Gary Michael, President, NAI Michael

      The County’s support, encouragement, and commitment to local developers has enabled our team to boldly pursue projects that champion the health and vitality of local economies.

      Brandon Bellamy, CEO, Velocity Companies

      The County has helped CJRD become more involved with an area that has been overlooked for years. The County encouraged us to showcase our unique approach of putting residents first when developing minority areas with a middle ground proposal that attracts working professionals of all levels.

      Harold W. Johnson II, Managing Partner, Cober Johnson.& Romney PLLC

      We worked with the County to compile funding requests for New Carrollton Metro Station to upgrade the plaza, the station, and introduce new retail. Their support has made this strong urban planning vision a reality.

      Vicki Davis, Managing Partner, Urban Atlantic